Club Programme 2022-23

Watch the Club Notice Board and the ‘Latest News from the Club’ on the club website for programme changes and/or additions for 2022-23 season.

Note: Junior Singles and Junior Pairs games will be played over several weeks, although players must be available to play on the first day of the competition with future games to be arranged between players, although each round must be completed by / or played on the predetermined dates to ensure the competitions progress.
All other Club Competition games will be played on the stipulated dates below (subject to change due to weather / other conflicts)

Note: Registration closes 4:00pm the Friday (1 week) prior the date the competitions is originally scheduled.


Opening Day Sun 02nd October 11:00am
​​​​​​​Presidents Day TBA
Veteran Cup Sat 15th October 11:00am
Consistency Triples Sat 29th October 11:00am
Consistency Fours Sun 30th October 11:00am

Handicap Singles (rounds1-3) Sat 12th November 10:00am
Handicap Singles (finals) Sun 13th November 10:00am
Handicap Pairs (rounds 1-3) Sat 19th November 10:00am
Handicap Pairs (finals) Sun 20th November 10:00am
Country Bowls Sun 20th November 02:00pm - 06:00pm

Junior Pairs (day 1) Sat 03rd December 10:00am (Postponed / TBA)
Junior Pairs (finals) Sun 18th December 10:00am (Postponed / TBA)
Club will be Closed from Saturday 24th to Friday 31st December

Club Closed Sun 01st January Closed
Open Pairs (rounds 1-3) Sat 21stJanuary 09:30am 
Open Pairs (rounds 3-5) Sun 22nd January 09:30am 

Junior Singles (day 1) Sat 04th February 09:30am
Open Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 11th February 09:30am
Open Singles (rounds 3-5) Sun 12th February 09:30am
Open Singles (finals) Sat 18th February 09:30am
Open Singles (finals) Sun 19th February 09:30am
Open Singles (reserve day) Sat 25th February 09:30am
Open Singles (reserve day ) Sun 26th February 09:30am

MARCH 2023
Mixed Triples (rounds 1-3) Sat 04th March 09:30am
Mixed Fours (rounds 1-3) Sun 05th March 09:30am
Mixed Triples (finals) Sat 11th March 09:30am
Mixed Fours (finals) Sun 12th March 09:30am
Bowls3Five Sat 18th March 09:30am
Bowls3Five Sun 19th March 09:30am
Consistency Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 25th March 09:30m
Consistency Singles (finals) Sun 26th March 09:30am

APRIL 2023
Open Triples (rounds 1-3) Sat 01st April 09:30am
OpenTriples (finals) Sun 02nd April 09:30am
OpenTriples (reserve day) Sat 15th April 09:30am
Open Fours (rounds 1 - 3) Sat 29th April 09:30am
Open Fours (finals) Sun 30th April 09:30am

MAY 2023
Open Fours (reserve day) Sat 06th May 10:00am
​​​​​​​Closing Day Sat 20th May 11:00am

JUNE 2023
Annual General Meeting Sunday 18th June 11:00am
JULY 2023
Softsource Winter Singles Sat 01st July 10:45am
Softsource Winter Singles Sun 02nd July 10:45am
Softsource Winter Singles Sat 15th July 10:45am
Softsource Winter Singles Sun 16th July 10:45am
Softsource Winter Singles Sat 29th July 10:45am
Softsource Winter Singles Sun 30th July 10:45am

Bowls3Five Sat 12th August 10:45am
Bowls3Five Sun 13th August 10:45am
Bowls3Five (finals) Sat 26th August 10:45am
Bowls3Five (finals) Sun 27th August 10:45am