Club Championship Conditions of Play

Registration of Teams / Indiviuals must be received in the prescribed format on or before the cut-off time for registration. Any incomplete registration at the time of the registration cut-off date could be deemed invalid and excluded from the Club Championship.
All club playing members are eligable to play in club competition, although only full Playing members qualify for the "Open  and Junior (years 1-6) Championships" games.

Scheduling of Games:
In general Club Championship games will be scheduled for play on Saturdays or Sundays.
​​​​​​​Where Club Competitions that are not played on a specific date(s), games are to be arranged between team captains and  played within 5 days of the previous scheuled game.
In the event of games not played within the prescribed time and holding up completion of the Club Championship, the Match Committee will set a date for the game to be played (normally the next available Sunday) and advise both teams of the scheduled date. In the event of a team or both teams not turning up to play the scheduled game, a life will be forfeited. ​​​​​​​

Playing Attire:
All members should play in the current club unform or smart casual if their uniform is not available. Shoes must be flat (heel-less) shoes or sandals. Soles may be of a non-slip material with a slightly abrasive surface. Footwear that will damage the greens will not be accepted and the player concerned will be asked to remove the shoes and replace them.

Player Substitutions:
Once registrations have closed and the draw completed, players registrated for one team cannot play for another regsitered team.
In the event of a player unable to continue to play in the competition, a request can be made to the Match Committee who will make a decision to decline / approve the request for a substiute player. 
(Note: The substutite player must be of the same skill or lower than the player being substuted. Once a player is substituted, they cannot return to the competition.)

Late Arrival / Default: 
Players should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled game. In the event a player / team is not being ready to play at the scheduled time or within 15 minutes of the scheuled time, will forfeit the game to their opposition. 

Game Duration / # of Bowls:
Open Singles (4 Bowls) - 21 Points, Open Pairs (3 bowls) - 18 Ends, Open Triples (2 bowls) - 15 Ends, Open Fours (2 Bowls) - 15 Ends.
In the event of games being called off due to rain, for Singles 15 points / all other games 11 ends will constitute a completed game, otherwise the game will be rescheduled at a future date.

Appeals Process:
Any appeals in respect a Club Championship ruling / request for a player substiute, must be done in witing to the Match Co-Ordinator. (
The Match Co-ordinator / Match Committee decison is final.