Club Programme 2023-24

Watch the Club Notice Board and the ‘Latest News from the Club’ on the club website for programme changes and/or additions for 2023-24.

​​​​​​​Note: Singles competitions, players will be assigned games to umpire, when not scheduled to play.

Note: Registration closes 4:00pm the Friday (1 week) prior the date the competitions is originally scheduled.

JULY 2023

Winter Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 08th July 10:30am
Winter Singles (rounds 4-6)Sun 09th July 10:30am
Winter Singles (rounds 7-9) Sat 22nd July 10:30am
Winter Singles (finals) Sun 23rd July 10:30am
Winter 2-4-2 Pairs (rounds 1-4) Sat 29th July 10:30am

Winter 2-4-2 Pairs (finals) Sun 30th July 10:30am


Bowls3Five (rounds 1-4) Sat 26th August 10:00am
Bowls3Five (finals) Sun 27th August 10:00am (Not Required)
Consistency Singles Sun 27th August 10:00am


Consistency Triples Sat 16th September 10:00am
Consistency Fours Sun 17th September 10:00am


Veteran Cup Sat 07th October 10:00am
Opening Day Sun 08th October 11:00am

Handicap Singles Sat 25th November 09:00am
Handicap Pairs Sun 26th November 09:00am

Year 1-5 Pairs (rounds 1-3) Sat 02nd December 09:00am
Year 1-5 Pairs (finals) Sun 03rd December 09:00am 
Year 1-5 Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 09th December 09:00am
Year 1-5 Singles (finals) Sun 10th December 09:00am
Club will be Closed from Saturday 24rd to Sunday 31st December

Club Closed Monday 01st to Sunday 07th January 
Open Pairs (rounds 1-3) Sat 13th January 09:30am 
Open Pairs (rounds 3-5) Sun 14th January 09:30am 

Open Pairs (finals) Sat 20th January 09:30am 
Open Pairs (finals) Sun 21st January 09:30am
Open Pairs (reserve day) Sat 27th January 09:30am 
Open Pairs (reserve day) Sun 28th January 09:30am

Open Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 17th February 09:00am
Open Singles (rounds 4-6) Sun 18th February 09:00am
Open Singles (finals) Sat 25th February 09:00am
Open Singles (finals) Sun 26th February 09:00am

MARCH 2024
Open Singles (reserve day) Sat 02nd March 09:00am
Open Singles (reserve day) Sun 03rd March 09:00am

Mixed Triples (rounds 1-3) Sat 09th March 09:30am
Mixed Triples (finals) Sun 10th March 09:30am
Mixed Fours (rounds 1-3) Sat 16th March 09:30am
Mixed Fours (finals) Sun 17th March 09:30am
Consistency Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 23rd March 09:30m (Moved to 27/08/23)
Consistency Singles (finals) Sun 24th March 09:30am (Moved to 27/08/23)

APRIL 2024
Open Triples (rounds 1-3) Sat 06th April 09:30am - POSTPONED
OpenTriples (finals) Sun 07th April 09:30am - POSTPONED
Open Triples (reserve day) Sat 13th April 09:30am - POSTPONED
Open Triples (reserve day) Sat 14th April 09:30am - POSTPONED
Open Fours (rounds 1 - 3) Sat 20th April 09:30am
Open Fours (finals) Sun 21st April 09:30am

MAY 2024
Open Triples (rounds 1-3) Sat 04th May 09:00am 
OpenTriples (finals) Sun 05th May 09:00am 
​​​​​​​Closing Day Sun 05th May 11:00am - POSTPONED

JUNE 2024
Annual General Meeting Saturday 15th June 11:00am​​​​

JULY 2024
Winter Singles (rounds 1-3) Sat 06th July 10:30am
Winter Singles (rounds 4-6) Sun 07th July 10:30am
Winter Singles (rounds 7-9) Sat 20th July 10:30am
Winter Singles (finals) Sun 21st July 10:30am
Winter 2-4-2 Pairs (rounds 1-4) Sat 27th July 10:30am
​​​​​​​Winter 2-4-2 Pairs (finals) Sun 28th July 10:30am

​​​​​​​AUGUST 2024
Bowls3Five (rounds 1-4) Sat 10th August 10:00am
Bowls3Five (finals) Sun 11th August 10:00am