Ponsonby Bowling Club Inc. presents Twilight Bowls3Five

Get a group of three people together, dream up a team name and put your entry in!  We play two bowl triples with any combination of men/women in each team of three and you can substitute team members. Bowlas are provided (although you can play with your own), but ask that you wear flat soled shoes or bare feet while you are out on the green.

The next season will commence Late October (for six consecutive weeks) in the event of rain on any of the scheduled dates, the competion will be extended by an addtional week (s) to enable comepletion of the competition.

Our competition is run as a league and we will have a Grand Final, however there are still prizes up for grabs every night!

The bar and kitchen will be open from 4.30pm on Wednesdays during the competition with food and drinks available for purchase. 

Watch this space for the next round of Twlight Bowls3Five​​​​​​​